Data Management Goals Of The Libraries

Data Management Goals Of The Libraries

Making Data Management Easier

The Data Services program at River Campus Libraries and Miner Library offers support in data management from planning to archiving, as well as guidance on finding, acquiring, analyzing, curating and preserving data. We can help you in a range of ways:


Assessing your data management needs: Interested in investigating ways to improve the efficiency of your data collection, analysis or archiving processes? Need help creating a plan to ensure continuity when a faculty member or graduate student is leaving the university? Schedule a consult today!


Guidance on writing data management plans for funding: We can help you put together a plan tailored to a specific funder, or help you develop a template to use across multiple research projects. Join one of our upcoming workshops to learn about the tools and resources available through the Data Services Program.


Finding and acquiring data: The River Campus Libraries and Miner provide access to numerous subscription data services. We can also help you track down and acquire freely available or proprietary data from other sources.


Archiving and preserving data: We can assist you in finding and depositing your data to an appropriate repository, where your data will be accessible to others. Alternatively, we can help you to place your data in UR Research, our institutional repository, or find other means of secure, archival storage.

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