Unrolling the Past: The 1374 inventory of a Marseille Library

Unrolling the Past: The 1374 inventory of a Marseille Library

Medieval scroll
September 29, 2016

Stop by and check out our new exhibition, Unrolling the Past: Celebrating the UR's 1374 Library Inventory Roll from the Monastery of Saint-Victor de Marseille. This exhibition celebrates the Rochester roll and the unique window on medieval monastic culture it provides.

The items on display bring together a number of the texts named in the roll itself, reconstituting a slice of the library at Saint-Victor in the fourteenth century. The objects and editions, drawn from our own collections here at the University of Rochester, range from the thirteenth through twentieth centuries. We have taken our organizational cues from the manuscript itself. The inventory has five basic subdivisions generally related to the geographical locations of the books within the monastery:
    infra librariam, the "library room"
    libri iuris, "books of law"
    de libris ecclesie, "books from the church"
    in armario claustri, "books stored in the cloister cupboard"
    in ecclesia, "the church"

As you work through the exhibition, you will virtually walk the hallways of Saint-Victor and join the monks in contemplation of their most precious possessions: their books.

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