Ponce Exhibition

Gabriela  Ponce -  Photographs 2003-05


June 20th through July 22nd 2005


Gabriela Ponce: untitled Gabriela Ponce: detail



This body of work is comprised of two groups of pictures that explore truths laying beneath the surface of two contrasting settings; one seemingly glamorous, the other innocently mundane. In one group, we see the boredom of depressed and tired models surrounded by machinery and dirty equipment. They are the skeleton of the fashion industry, used to sell both image and product to women and girls. The second body of work is similar in some respects and contrasting in others. In it, the relationship of individual addiction, mania, social pressure and guilt unfold in the bathroom; a setting both innocuous, yet full of social expectations and implications. Both bodies of work exploit social expectations, and give way to a darker, more real "truth".











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