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  • Factiva - via Factiva - Dates: Varies By Publication
    Contains articles on business, news, and companies worldwide, current and historical financial quotes, and company profiles.
    Improve your search experience in Factiva with the tips in this handout: FactivaSearchTips.pdf

  • FASAB - Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board - Dates: Varies
    Includes all accounting statements and standards from FASAB.

  • FASB - Financial Accounting Standards Board - Dates: Varies
    Includes summaries of accounting standards from FASB. Students get complete access from accounting faculty.

  • FDsys - Dates: Varies
    Official Source for Online Government Information

  • Federal Register Collection - HeinOnline - Dates: Varies
    Full-text of the Federal Register. It is updated on a daily basis.

  • FedStats - Dates: Varies
    A gateway for statistics from over 100 federal agencies. Access by topic and geography.

  • FIAF International Film Archive - via ProQuest - Dates: 1972-present
    Identifies articles on film and television.

  • Film Index International - Dates: 1900 - 2009
    Identifies reviews and provides production information about films.
    Included in Film Indexes Online.

  • Film Indexes Online - Dates: 1893 - Current
    Combined searching of the American Film Institute catalog and the British Film Institute's Film Index International.

  • Film Literature Index - Dates: 1976 - 2001

  • Financial Times Digital Archive - via Gale Group - Dates: 1882-2008
    Search by keyword or browse by date. Full text.

  • First Research - via ProQuest - Dates: Varies
    Includes industry reports for consumer products, technology, and most U.S. industries.

  • FirstResearch - via ProQuest - Dates: Varies
    Includes industry reports for consumer products, technology, and most U.S. industries.

  • FirstSearch - via FirstSearch - Dates: Varies
    Gateway databases covering a variety of subjects. Access is also available by each database name.

  • Foreign Firms Operating in the United States - Dates: Current
    Contains non-U.S. firms that have substantial U.S. operations. Search by country, industry codes, or industry size.

  • Foreign Office Files for China - Dates: 1919-1980
    A digital collection of the British Foreign Office files for China, from 1919 to 1980.

  • Foundation Directory - Dates: Current
    Information on private grant-making foundations, community foundations, operating foundations, and corporate grant makers.

  • Freedonia Industry Reports - via ProQuest - Dates: Varies
    Includes reports for consumer products, manufacturing, health care and more. Includes forecasts. U.S. focus, some global.

  • FreePatentsOnline - Dates: 1974 - Current
    Full text and images of U.S. patents from 1974+, U.S. patent applications from 2001+, and European patents 2000+.

  • Frost & Sullivan - Dates: Varies
    Includes technical reports and market analysis on emerging, high-tech and industrial markets in 50 countries.

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