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  • OECD iLibrary - Dates: 1983-current
    Offers access to the full range of OECD statistical publications; coverage is global. Formerly known as SourceOECD.

  • Old Testament Abstracts - Dates: Varies
    Abstracts of articles and books on the Old Testament and its historical context.

  • OmniFile - via EBSCO - Dates: 1982 - Current
    Identifies articles on many subjects with some full text.

  • OneSource Global Business Browser - Dates: Current; 10 Yrs Financials
    20M+ companies, US/int’l; financials, SWOT analysis, analyst reports, news articles. Search by region, sector, business size, more

  • Open Data: State of New York - Dates: Varies
    New York open data portal that searches local and state data in one place. The datasets are sorted by subject and location.

  • OSA Publishing - Dates: Varies
    Browse or search for fulltext articles from volume 1 to the present in all Optical Society of America journals.

  • Oxford African American Studies Center - Dates: Varies
    Includes 5 major encyclopedias and content from additional reference sources on the Black Experience.

  • Oxford Analytica Country Profiles - via ProQuest - Dates: Current
    Economic, political and geographical data with in-depth outlook.

  • Oxford Analytica Daily Brief Service - via ProQuest - Dates: Current
    Strategic and policy-impacting analysis for worldwide business and economic events.

  • Oxford Art Online - Dates: 1996 - Current
    Full text encyclopedia of visual arts from prehistory to present. Includes many links to images.

  • Oxford Bibliographies Online--Biblical Studies Segment - Dates: Varies
    Recommendations on essential topics concerning the study of the Bible.

  • Oxford Bibliographies Online--Philosophy Segment - Dates: Varies
    Combines the information of an encyclopedia and a bibliography, with introductory essays and a guide to sources.

  • Oxford Dictionary of National Biography - Dates: Varies
    Full text of biographies of people who have shaped the British past. Includes 60 volume Oxford DNB plus 33 volume original DNB.

  • Oxford Economic Country Briefings - via ProQuest - Dates: Current
    Country-focused economic and political data. Updated daily.

  • Oxford Encyclopedia of Economic History - Dates: Varies
    Online access to an excellent resource for background information on economic history topics.

  • Oxford English Dictionary - Dates: 1992 (2nd Ed.) - Current
    Full text of Oxford English Dictionary.

  • Oxford Handbooks Online: Business and Management - Dates: Current
    Essays covering core topics in business and economics, authored by leading scholars in the field.

  • Oxford Handbooks Online: Linguistics - Dates: Varies
    Essays covering core topics in linguistics, authored by leading scholars in the field.

  • Oxford Handbooks Online: Philosophy - Dates: Varies - Current
    Contains specially-commissioned essays on major topics in philosophy.

  • Oxford Handbooks Online: Political Science - Dates: Varies - Currrent
    Essays covering core topics in political science, authored by leading scholars in the field.

  • Oxford Music Online - Dates: Varies
    Full text encyclopedia of all aspects of classical, contemporary, world, and popular music.

  • Oxford Scholarship Online - Business and Management Segment - Dates: Varies
    Searchable full-text database of current books in business and management.

  • Oxford Scholarship Online - Economics and Finance - Dates: Varies
    Electronic versions of recent books from Oxford University Press, in all areas of economics.

  • Oxford Scholarship Online - Religion Segment - Dates: Varies
    Searchable full-text database of 400+ books in religion and theology.

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