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  • Palgrave Dictionary of Economics - Dates: Varies
    Revised and expanded edition of the 1998 print dictionary.

  • PapersFirst - via FirstSearch - Dates: 1993 - Current
    Identifies papers from conferences, symposia, congresses and meetings worldwide.

  • Parker Library on the Web - Dates: Varies
    Browse,view, interpret and work with Old English manuscripts at the Parker Library at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge.

  • Patrologia Latina - Dates: 100 - 1299
    Full texts of the Old Church Fathers.

  • Persée - Dates: Varies
    Full text articles from French language journals in humanities and social sciences.

  • Philosopher's Index - via EBSCO - Dates: 1940-current
    Identifies articles and books on ethics, aesthetics, social and political philosophy, epistemology, and metaphysic logic.

  • Philosophy Online - Dates: Varies
    Full-text collection of philosophy journals.

  • Pittsburgh Courier - via ProQuest - Dates: 1911-2002
    An important newspaper with a wide national circulation, noted for social and media criticism.

  • Plant Science - via ProQuest - Dates: 1994 - Current
    Identifies journal articles in botany.

  • Plunkett Research - Dates: Current
    Industry reports for a wide range of topics. Ex: advertising, consulting, investment banking, green tech, energy, logistics.

  • PolicyFile - Dates: 1990 - Current
    Research publications from U.S. and international think tanks, university research programs, research organizations and publishers

  • Political Science Complete - via EBSCO - Dates: Varies
    Identifies articles in political science, many with links to the online full text.

  • Political Science Complete and Public Affairs Index - via EBSCO - Dates: Varies
    Search for articles in both political science and public affairs, many with full text availability.

  • Polling the Nations - Dates: 1986 - Current
    U.S. and international polling results of multidisciplinary interest. Previously called American Public Opinion Index.
    Access limited to one user at a time.

  • Pooles Index to Periodical Literature - Dates: 1802 - 1906
    Identifies articles in many U.S. and British journals from 1780's to 1920's. Includes Poole's Index and others.

  • Population Index on the Web - Dates: 1986 - 2000
    Identifies articles, books, working papers and other materials on population and demographics.

  • Portico - Dates: Varies
    Access to selected titles no longer supported by publishers. UR is a member.

  • PrivCo - Dates: Current
    Private company profiles and financial data (sales, revenue, etc.), venture capital funding deals and investors, M&A, more.
    Each user must create a login with a UR email address.

  • ProceedingsFirst - via FirstSearch - Dates: 1993 - Current
    Identifies conferences, symposia, congresses and meetings worldwide.

  • Project Muse - Dates: 1993 - Current
    Full text of scholarly journals in the humanities and social sciences.

  • ProQuest Annual Reports Collection - via ProQuest - Dates: Current
    Sampling of corporate annual reports.

  • ProQuest Congressional - via ProQuest - Dates: Varies
    Pending legislation, U.S. laws, testimony before Congress and other Congressional documents. See also: HeinOnline.

  • ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Full-Text - via ProQuest - Dates: 1861 - Current
    Identifies Ph.D. dissertations from U.S. and Canadian universities since 1861. Abstracts from 1980. Many with full-text.

  • ProQuest Entrepreneurship - via ProQuest - Dates: Current
    Contains market reports, articles, business plans, business cases, and sample templates and forms needed by entrepreneurs.
    Discover all the ways this database can help you at:

  • ProQuest Entrepreneurship Essential Topics - Dates: Current
    Readings, reports, & predefined search macros for the most important topics in entrepreneurship: start-up, funding, legal etc.

  • ProQuest Historical Newspapers - via ProQuest - Dates: Varies
    Full text - articles, ads, pictures - of New York Times (1851 - 2007) & other major papers. Click "More" link for their names.

  • ProQuest Historical Newspapers: Black Newspapers - via ProQuest - Dates: Varies
    Full text/image for key 20th-century African-American newspapers from Atlanta, Baltimore, New York and Pittsburgh.

  • ProQuest Political News - via ProQuest - Dates: Varies
    Includes Roll Call, the Washington Post, and CQ Political Transcripts. Formerly titled LexisNexis Inside Washington.

  • ProQuest Research - via ProQuest - Dates: Varies
    Identifies articles on all topics, many with links to full text. Includes articles in scholarly, peer-reviewed journals.

  • ProQuest Research, Newspapers & Business - Dates: Varies
    Identifies articles in journals, magazines and newspapers, many full text. Includes ABI/Inform, Ethnic NewsWatch,GenderWatch

  • ProQuest Statistical Insight - via ProQuest - Dates: Varies
    US and international statistics. Includes full text statistical tables and abstracts of additional statistical sources.

  • Protein Data Bank - Dates: 1971 - Current
    3-D structural data of large molecules of proteins and nucleic acids.

  • PsycARTICLES - via Ovid - Dates: 1988 - Current
    Full text articles in psychology, many published by the American Psychological Association.
    Check "PsycARTICLES" underneath the search box.

  • PsycCRITIQUES - via Ovid - Dates: 1956-current
    PsycCRITIQUES® is a full-text database with book and film reviews from 1956 to present from a psychological perspective.
    Please select "PsycCritiques" from the list of resources.

  • PsycINFO - via Ovid - Dates: 1969 - Current
    Identifies articles, books and dissertations in psychology and related subjects, many with links to full text.

  • PsycINFO (historical) - via Ovid - Dates: 1806 - Current
    Identifies older articles, books, and dissertations in psychology and related fields.

  • PsycTESTS - Dates: 1918 - Present
    Provides descriptive and administrative information for psychological tests and scales, many full-text, primarily unpublished.

  • PsycTHERAPY - Dates: Current
    300 videos featuring therapy demonstrations showing clinicians working with individuals, couples, and families.

  • PubChem
    NCBI database of biological activities of small molecules. Also links to Pub Med and related databases.

  • Public Affairs Index - via EBSCO - Dates: Varies
    Identifies articles on public policy, many with links to the online full text.

  • PubMed - Dates: 1950 - Current
    Identifies articles in clinical and basic biomedical research as well as in psychology, many with links to full text.

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