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  • RAMBI Index of Articles on Jewish Studies - Dates: 1966 - Current
    Identifies articles on Jewish Studies, Judaica, and study of Eretz Israel.
    Requires Microsoft Internet Explorer browser, version 5.0 or higher

  • RAND - Dates: Varies
    Reports, journals and books on national security, business, education, health, law and science from the nonprofit RAND Corp.

  • - Dates: Varies
    144 online bibliographies covering a variety of disciplines including early printing, world literature and others.

  • Readers' Guide Full Text - via EBSCO - Dates: 1983 - Current
    Identifies articles in popular and general-interest periodicals published in the US and Canada, 1983 - date.

  • Readers' Guide Retrospective - via EBSCO - Dates: 1890 - 1982
    Identifies articles in popular and general-interest periodicals published in the US and Canada, 1890 - 1982.

  • Reaxys: Beilstein, Gmelin and Patent Chemistry on the Web - Dates: 1771-present
    Identifies chemical compound properties, structures, and reactions with references to journal and patent literature of chemistry.

  • Reference USA - Dates: Current
    Comprehensive company/residential directory; build lists using 30 variables or Map Based Search. Includes consumer demographics.

  • RefWorks - Dates: Varies
    Web-based citation management tool. Export references from databases & format them for papers & bibliographies.Off-campus:use VPN
    Create your own account by clicking on "Sign up for an Individual Account."

  • REIS- Regional Economic Information System - Dates: 1974 - Current
    Government data on annual personal income estimates for residents of the U.S.

  • Research Library - via ProQuest - Dates: Varies
    Identifies articles on all topics, many with links to full text. Includes articles in scholarly, peer-reviewed journals.

  • RIBA British Architectural Library Catalogue - Dates: Varies
    An index to articles in over 300 respected architectural periodicals, books and audio visual materials held by the RIBA Library.

  • RILM Music Abstracts - via EBSCO - Dates: 1967 - Current
    Identifies articles on music.

  • RIPM Music Periodicals - Dates: Varies
    Identifies articles on music published between the late 1700's and the 1950's. Complements RILM Music Abstracts.

  • RKMA Market Research eHandbooks - Dates: Current
    Access to the complete collection of market research handbooks from RKMA; data goes to very granular levels.

  • RMA eStatement Studies - Dates: Currrent
    Contains corporate financial ratios and other financial data aggregated by industry.

  • Rochester Business Journal Book of Lists - Dates: Current
    All 81 lists of "the top X" in Rochester from the Rochester Business Journal Book of Lists available in downloadable Excel format.
    Access by username and password only; ask at the Q&i desk or email Suzanne Bell for logon credentials.

  • Rochester Democrat and Chronicle - Dates: 2002 - Current
    Full text of the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle.

  • Rochester History - Dates: 1939 - Current
    Full text articles published in Rochester History. A journal devoted to the history of Rochester and western NY.

  • Roper Center for Public Opinion - Catalog - Dates: 1935-current
    Public opinion datasets. Studies marked with an X are available for immediate download.

  • Roper Center for Public Opinion - iPOLL - Dates: 1935-current
    Survey results, questionnaires, and possible dataset download option for an extensive collection of public opinion polls.

  • Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy - Dates: 1998 Edition, With Periodic Updates
    Full text of Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Note: uses British spelling.

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