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The complete set of 2000 Census volumes is shelved in the Business & Government Information Library (BGIL) stacks. Please ask the BGIL staff for assistance.

Summary Population & Housing Characteristics PHC-1
C 3.223/18:2000 PHC-1-

Summary Social, Economic, & Housing Characteristics, PHC-2
C 3.223/23:2000 PHC-2-

Population & Housing Unit Counts, PHC-3
C 3.223/5:2000 PHC-3-

Island Areas
C 3.223/23-2:2000 PHC-4-

Characteristics of the American Indians & Alaska Natives by Tribe and Language
C 3.223/28:2000 PHC-5-

Detailed description of 2000 depository print holdings.

The Business & Government Information Library (BGIL) has the complete set of depository CD-ROMs/DVDs with downloadable files of all 2000 Census data. For assistance, please contact the Rush Rhees Q&i desk.

Detailed description of 2000 depository CD-ROM/DVD holdings.

United States, Bureau of the Census
Census 2000 summary file 2

C 3.287:03-2 - Business & Government Information Library - Stacks Federal

United States, Bureau of the Census
Census 2000 basics

C 3.2:B 29/2000 - Business & Government Information Library - Stacks Federal

United States, Bureau of the Census
Census 2000 Brief, Educational Attainment: 2000, C2KBR-24

C 3.205/8-2:24 - Business & Government Information Library - Stacks Federal

U.S. Census Bureau:

American FactFinder
Information from Census 2000 is made available here first. Data is available as Quick Tables, Detailed Tables, and Community Profiles. It also will help you to create your own extracts and custom tabulations online.

Census 2000 Data Products at a Glance
Lists the release dates for Census 2000 data products.

Census 2000 Page
Complete information about Census 2000 data and progress. All files available in both PDF and Excel formats. Includes:

Congressional Apportionment

 Demographic Profiles

Rankings, Comparisons, and Summaries

Redistricting Data

County-To-County Worker Flow Files

State Population Totals

Summary File 1

Summary File 2

Summary File 3

Summary File 4 Categories Table

1-Percent Public Use Microdata Sample (PUMS) Files

108th Congressional District Summary Files

109th Congressional District Summary Files

Census Briefs & Special Reports

Census 2000 Supplementary Survey

Census 2000 U.S. Gazetteer Files

Guide to Census Tract Resources

American Indian Tribal Census Tract Outline Maps

Census Block Maps

Census Tract Outline Maps

Mapping Census 2000: The Geography of U.S. Diversity

Census 2000 Questionnaires

U.S. Census Monitoring Board.:
Estimated Census 2000 Undercount by State
U.S. Department of Education:
Census 2000 School District Demographics Data Files
Annie E. Casey Foundation:
Kids Count: Census Data Online
View regional profiles for the nation as a whole, individual states, congressional districts, or any of the 7 other kinds of geographic areas. Create a ranking table from one of over 21 population indicators.
Lewis Mumford Center for Comparative Urban and Regional Research:
Metropolitan Racial and Ethnic Change - Census 2000
Topics covered include: Segregation, Hispanic Groups, Asian Groups, School Segregation, Homeowners and Renters, The New Americans, State of the Cites, Separate and Unequal, Diversity in Black and White, and Dimensions of Segregation.
Modern Language Association:
The Modern Language Association Language Map
Data about the linguistic and cultural composition of the United States.

New York State Data Center:

Census 2000
Contains links to special tabulations created by the NYSDC for NYS data. State Maps show population shifts by county.

Demographic Profiles:
Contains basic demographic information such as age, race, Hispanic Origin, sex, household relationship, and housing occupancy for each county, municipality, Indian Reservation, and Congressional District within New York State.

DP2, DP3, DP4
The population data provided includes items such as: educational attainment, ancestry, migration, place of birth, language spoken, income, poverty, employment status, occupation, and commuting. Housing data includes: units in structure, year structure built, house heating fuel, value, mortgage costs, and rent paid. Geographically, data is being released for every county, city, town, village, and Census Designated Place in New York.

School District Data
Includes summaries for the school districts in New York State as they existed on July 1, 1999.

New York State Task Force on Demographic Research and Reapportionment:

Task Force Website
Census 2000 redistricting data and both current and proposed maps for Senate and Assembly Districts.

Asian American Federation of New York:

Census Information Center
Includes data tables, maps, and charts for Asian populations in New York City.

New York City Census Data:
The link to tabulations created by the Department of City Planning of the New York City and several local groups. To obtain the data, please click the link to connect to these websites.

U.S. Census Bureau:
Census 2000 Briefs & Special Reports
The Census 2000 Brief series provides the first analysis of Census 2000 population and housing topics. The briefs focus on discussing the most important aspects of the topics, as well as exploring the geographic distribution of the subject matter. The Census 2000 Brief series is a basic analytic tool that is useful for introducing the public to Census 2000 population and housing data.
Notes and Errata 2000: 2000 Census of Population and Housing

Statement Regarding the Adjustment Decision, October 17, 2001

A Census that Mirrors America: Interim Report.
* Access restricted to the University of Rochester

General Accounting Office/
Government Accountability Office:

GAO has published numerous studies of the 2000 census. Browse for them at Government Accountability Office website (Ex. keyword search on Census 2000)

National Research Council:
The 2000 Census: Interim Assessment

HA 201.12 .N38 2001x - Rhees Stacks


Measuring a Changing Nation: Modern Methods for the 2000 Census.
* Access restricted to the University of Rochester
Modernizing the U.S. Census.
* Access restricted to the University of Rochester

Pew Charitable Trusts, Pew Hispanic Center:
Demographic Reports Counting the "Other Hispanics": How Many Colombians, Dominicans, Ecuadorians, Guatemalans and Salvadorans Are There in the United States?, May 2002

Preparing for Census 2000: Subjects Planned for Census 2000: Federal Legislative and Program Uses.

C 3.2:P 91/2 - Business & Government Information Library - Stacks Federal

Preparing for the 2000 Census: Interim Report II.
* Access restricted to the University of Rochester
Roberts, Sam.
Who We Are Now: the Changing Face of America in the Twenty-First Century.
E169.12.R576 2004 - Rhees Stacks.

Symposium on the Decennial Census.
Government Information Quarterly, v.17, no.2, 2000.

Z688.G6 G68 - Rhees Stacks

Sevetson, Andrea.
Census 2000 Basics.

C 3.2:B 29/2000 - Business & Government Information Library - Stacks Federal

U.S. Census Monitoring Board:
Final Report to Congress
The Board released numerous studies of 2000 census data.

Y 3.2:C 33/P 92/2001/FINAL - Business & Government Information Library - Stacks Federal

U.S. Congress.
General Accounting Office:

2000 Census: Status of Nonresponse Follow-up and Key Operations, May 11, 2000

U.S. Congress.
House of Representatives.

 Oversight of the 2000 Census: Status of Bureau of the Census Operations and Activities, March 8, 2000


CIS Fiche: 2000 H401-109 - Newspaper & Microform Center - SuDoc Fiche

U.S. Office of Management and Budget.
Provisional Guidance on the Implementation of the 1997 Standards for Federal Data on Race and Ethnicity, Federal Register, January 16, 2001


Film .U58 - Business & Government Information Library
University of Albany. Lewis Mumford Center for Comparative Urban and Regional Research.
Metropolitan Racial and Ethnic Change - Census 2000
A series of analytical reports and data concerning race and ethnicity in metropolitan areas



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