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The digital manuscripts included in this library have been selected for their extraordinary visual quality so that they can aid students and researchers in their palaeographical analysis. On the left column are the titles of the chosen works, which are organized according to the date of composition in ascending order. For the sake of clarity, these titles are given in a generic form as they are mostly found in secondary sources. In fact,  Bede himself chose long titles for each of his works, and throughout the contigencies of scribal transmision some manuscripts might show different versions of a particular title.


Each manuscript entry is divided into two main parts. First, we learn about the basic features of the manuscript in question: date, shelfmark, provenance, and language. Second, there is information on the place where the manuscript is currently held, including a general link to the relevant website. For instance, if the researcher is interested in digital manuscripts of the Historia ecclesiastica gentis Anglorum, one of the entries will be as follows:


Switzerland, St Gallen, Abbey of St Gallen, MS 248

Date: c. 860
Provenance: St Gallen, Switzerland

Language: Latin


City: St Gallen, Switzerland
Institution: Abbey of St Gallen





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