FURL Impact: Selected Grants in Support of The Libraries

Historically, FURL distributes funds to the University of Rochester Libraries that enable the purchasing of materials that would otherwise be unattainable due to budgetary constraints. The items below are examples of what has been acquired with the help of FURL.

River Campus Libraries (Art and Music Library, Barbara J. Burger iZone, Carlson Science and Engineering,
Library, Evans Lam Square, Gleason Library, Physics-Optics-Astronomy Library, Rossell Hope Robbins Library, Studio X)

  • 1848 letter from Elizabeth Cady Stanton to Mary Ann M’Clintock
  • Ellesmere Chaucer facsimile for Robbins Library
  • Chansonnier de Jean Montchenu (15th century songbook facsimile)
  • Continuum 33 1/3 series of books and recordings of rock music criticism
  • New York State Barge Canal 1900-1916 Collection of photographs and other documents
  • Collaborative reference consultation desk area in Carlson Library
  • 53 African films (Film and Media Studies)
  • FURL Team Room for iZoneRL
  • Purchase of 15th Century Psalter
  • Digitization of films in the Kenneth Keating Collection
  • Workstations for Studio X
  • Primary Source Materials related to Susan B. Anthony's 200th Birthday and the 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment.

Eastman School of Music (Sibley Music Library)

  • Italian and French Violin Makers Four volume set
  • Facsimile of medieval manuscript "Codex Gisle"
  • Facsimile of 13th century Catigas de Alfonso X El Sabio
  • 59 volumes of International Schubert Society critical reports to accompany critical edition of Schubert
  • Critical edition of Meyerbeer's Robert Le Diable

Medical Center Libraries (Edward G. Miner Library, Basil G. Bibby Library, Mucci Family Resource
Library, John R. Williams Health Sciences Library)

  • Virtual reality hardware and software to expand existing single user workstation to enable small group instruction
  • Development of a World language collection of Children’s books in Golisano Children’s Hospital Family Resource Library
  • 3-D Printer and Supplies
  • Six electronic human anatomy books with Netter illustrations
  • Golisano Children’s' Hospital patient and family resource center start-up
  • Surgery of the Chest E-textbook
  • Graphic Medical Books to launch Clinical and Consumer Health Collection
  • Support for a Print and Electronic Health Equity Library

Memorial Art Gallery (Charlotte Whitney Allen Library)

  • 10-volume Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion
  • Digital portal for materials related to the Sibley-Watson Family
  • WiFi access points