Past winners

2021 winners

Befikadu Mekonnen (Grand prize); Arianna Taylor, Humanities; Ethan Sawyer, Social Sciences; Anesse Pinpokintr, Natural Sciences; Evelyn Ferwalt, Engineering

Photos of the five winners of the 2021 Research Initiative Award



No winners due to COVID-19.

2019 winners

Mackenzie Steen ’21 (Second Place), A Systematic Review of Trauma-Informed Teaching in Medical Education
Jisoo Woo ’20 (First Place), Using LED Light to Enable Asymmetric Olefin Difunctionalization with CO2
Julian Maceren ’20 (Third Place), Investigating Metal-Free Azide-Alkyne “Click” Reactions for Conjugating Peptides to Nanoparticle Carriers

2019 Winners


2018 winners

Carrie Heusinkveld ’19 (Second Prize), French Literature; Daria Lynch ’19 (First Prize), History;  Zeen Xiao ’20 (Third Prize), Music History

Research Initiative Award Winners - 2018


2017 winners

Eli Rogers (’18), Ahmed Selmi (’19), and Ling Yang (’19)

Research Initiatives Award WInners, 2017


2016 winner

Austin Bailey (’16) Left to right: Susan K. Cardinal, STEM Librarian, Austin Bailey, and Todd D. Krauss, Professor of Chemistry and Chair, Professor of Optics.

Research Initiatives Award Winner, 2016


2015 winners

Claire Webster (’16) and Amy Eisenstadt (’16)
On left:
 Eileen Daly-Boas, Religion & Classics Librarian, Claire Webster, and Curt Cadorette, Professor of Religion & Classics. 
On right: Blair Tinker, Research Specialist for GIS, Amy Eisenstadt, and Cindy Ebinger, Professor of Earth & Environmental Sciences.

Research Initiatives Award Winner, 2015
Research Initiatives Award Winner, 2015