Additional Copyright Resources


United States Copyright Office: Text of U.S. Law, FAQs, Forms to Register, Search Copyrights


Reproduction of Copyrighted Works by Educators and Librarians- Classroom guidelines with detailed parameters for photocopying, including test for "brevity," "spontaneity," and "cumulative effect." The purpose of the Guidelines is to state the minimum standards of educational fair use.


Performance of or Showing Films in the Classroom- American Library Association's clarification of Section 110(1) "Limitations on exclusive rights: Exemption of certain performances and displays." Drafted by Jonathan Band, legal council to ALA and ARL, Perter Jaszi, Professor of Law, American University Washington College of Law, and Kenneth D. Crews, Director of the Copyright Advisory Office at Columbia University.


Know Your Copy Rights: Using Works in Your Teaching

  • What You Can Do- Tips for Faulty & Teaching Assistants in Higher Education: a publication of the Association of Research Libraries distibuted under a Creative Commons Attriution-NonCommercial 2.5 License (


Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University


Library Copyright Alliance


Creative Commons


Copyright Resources Project Copyright Toolbox An excellent website from UC Berkeley with links to copyright resources.


Center for Social Media: American University School of Communication


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