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  • Readings may be submitted as 8.5 x 11 photocopies or pdfs to your library's Q&i  Desk. To link to e-journal articles, please provide complete citation.
  • To link to e-readings through the course syllabus, submit your syllabus as a word document to: Otherwise, readings will be available as a list.


Reserve specialists and their library locations:

Library   Reserve Specialist   Phone   E-mail
  Rush Rhees Library & e-readings   Chris Conway  585-275-9282
  Rush Rhees Library & e-readings   Lev Earle  585-276-7299
  Rush Rhees Library & e-readings   Declan Ryan  585-276-7819
  Rush Rhees Library & e-readings   Kevin Scantlen  585-275-0929
  Art/Music Library & streamed audio   Marc Bollmann  585-275-9277
  Art/Music Library & streamed video   Tom Clifford  585-275-3921
  Carlson Library   Delores Baxter  585-273-5209
  POA Library   Jeffery Jones  585-275-4469

Copyright and Fair Use Policies


Place Books on Reserve at any River Campus Library:

  • Submit library books and /or personal copies at your library's Q&i Desk. At the end of semester, personal copies are returned to the professor's department.


  • Submit a list of books to be placed on reserve by completing the  Place an Item on Course Reserve form or the paper form available at your desired library.  Reserve staff will retrieve books.  


Request Purchase of Materials for Reserve:


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