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Connect with new peers and collaborators. Make virtual studying more productive. Learn new concepts and skills in comfortable, safe environment.

Information about this Service

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Current social distancing requirements have made working together difficult. The libraries may have a solution. To help preserve collaborative study, we are offering a number of virtual study space experiences. Even though we may be back on campus in person in the fall, we expect to continue offering virtual study spaces as an additional way to “go to” the library.

This is a pilot program we’re offering through the spring 2021 semester, which means aspects of this are subject to change and we are very much looking for feedback. Try it out! Get together with friends and classmates virtually and take advantage of our full-featured Zoom software.

What to expect

  • A full-featured Zoom room includes:
    • Meetings that go beyond 40 minutes
    • Screen-sharing
    • Access to Zoom whiteboards
    • File transfer
    • Ability to be made a co-host
    • Ability to record the session
  • A library staff member will welcome you in, check on your progress, and be available for questions about library resources
  • Easy to come and go as you please

Our code of conduct

At the University of Rochester, we are united by a commitment to be ever better—Meliora. It is our guiding principle and it informs our shared values. We put those values into action by ensuring that all members of our community feel safe, respected, included, and valued.
Any actions meant to denigrate the sense of self-worth or belonging of another have no place at the University of Rochester or in these virtual study spaces. Please consult the Office of Equity and Inclusion webpage for more on this policy, as well as how to report applicable violations (http://www.rochester.edu/eoc/#harassment).


Upcoming Events

Cultivate Your Creative 'Yes!' with Collaging | Stress-Less Week 👯‍♂️ 💬 👨‍💻 😌
Wed, May 12, 2021, 4:30-5:30 pm - Register

De-stress with collaging! On May 12th, join Sarah Gerin from the Barbara J. Burger iZone to help you turn down your mental chatter with a little creative collaging! When we can “turn our brains off” for a little bit and tune into the body, we not only reduce stress but can tap into other aspects of ourselves like creativity and play! You don’t have to be an artist or know anything about collaging to join this event. You simply have to bring your curiosity and willingness to let go of your perfectionism just a little bit!

Free collating materials will be made available before this virtual event in iZone for anyone to take.

This is program is part of River Campus Libraries' Virtual Stress-Less Week.

Escape from Virtual Eastman Quad! | Stress-Less Week 👯‍♂️ 💬 👨‍💻 😌
Thurs, May 13, 2021, 6-7 pm - Register

Take a break from your studies and enter the Studio X Virtual Escape Room! Using Mozilla Hubs (free XR software) you'll be able to create an avatar, enter the virtual Eastman Quad, and discover clues in the space that will help you escape. River Campus Library staff will be there to give you tips and answer any questions about the new Studio X that will open in Carlson Library in Fall 2021.

Prizes will be awarded to the first three participants that escape in the allotted time! 

This is program is part of River Campus Libraries' Virtual Stress-Less Week.

RCL Study Zoom: Working together to get stuff done  👯‍♂️ 💬
THESE EVENTS HAVE ALREADY OCCURRED. If this sounds like something you would attend, please let us know for future reference.

Wed, May 5, 2021, 4-6 pm
Tues, May 4, 2021, 12-3 pm
Wed, April 28, 2021, 4-6 pm
Tues, April 27, 2021, 12-3 pm

Bigger on the inside than on the outside, the RCL Study Zoom is a community zoom room where you study with your UR friends and teammates in breakout rooms provided by River Campus Libraries.  Productively work together in a comfortable and virus-free way, with the vibe of a library.  Talk and show your faces over videos while you focus on the activity at hand - studying for an exam, solving problems, researching or practicing for a presentation, etc. Library staff are on hand to assist with library-related research or acclimating to the advanced features of zoom.  Continue to work with friends while you are off campus, quarantining, and/or physically distancing.   

Each group can register for the space up to the time that the event starts and leave when needed until the end of the room availability. 

Focus on your future: A virtual study space devoted to job seeking  🤫 👨‍💻
Thurs, April 15, 2021, 2-3 pm
THIS EVENT HAS ALREADY OCCURRED. If this sounds like something you would attend, please let us know for future reference.

Working with campus partners from the Greene Career Center, Warner School Career Service, WSAP, and iZone, the River Campus Libraries will provide a virtual study space for students who are interested in job seeking.  This virtual space allows students to consult with iZone staff (for discovering their personal strengths), librarians (for researching companies and organizations), and writing and career center professionals as they look for guidance during their job-seeking process.  Students can access the expertise of these staff members while working independently in a quiet, virtual community space.

As students enter the main room and express their goal for the day, they can decide between five breakout rooms for quick advice from the individual campus offices. They can then focus on their task at hand in one main quiet workroom. 


Understanding the differences of our virtual study space offerings

🤫 (Quiet)
Mute microphone. Mute computer volume for extra quiet. One person talks at a time as needed.  

👯‍♂️ (Collaborative)
Everyone participates.  Recommend unmuting and sharing videos.  

💬 (Social/ Informal)
Meant to be social programs. Cameras and microphones can be on or off,  whatever you're most comfortable with.

👨‍💻 (Focused)
There is a planned purpose to this virtual study room. Staff interaction will be kept to a minimum to allow for greater concentration on the work at hand.

🎤 (Hosted/Program)
There is a planned purpose to this virtual study room. Moderate to heavy staff-student interaction should be anticipated.

😌 (Study Break)
These virtual sessions are meant to help you relax and take a break from studying. Cameras and microphones can be on or off,  whatever you're most comfortable with.

Study spaces & services on campus – both virtual and in-person

River Campus Libraries
  • Options for quiet/focused, noisy/collaborative, formal and informal spaces and events
  • Research and tools help available
  • Quiet and structured space dedicated to both general study (Study Zone) & specific subject areas (Study Groups)
  • In-person & virtual options / individual & collaborative opportunities
Wilson Commons
  • In-person space to study, participate in an online class, attend to personal meetings
  • Dedicated to specific subject areas, as well as general study