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Academic Engagement
Acquisitions (Acquisitions Finance, Monograph Acquisitions, Serials Acquisitions)
Art & Music Library
Carlson Science & Engineering Library
Collection Development
Digital Scholarship Lab
Financial Operations
Information Discovery Team

Library/IT Services (Group Pager, Help Desk)
Library Facilities
Metadata Services
Outreach, Learning, & Research Services
Patron Services (Annex, Q&i, ILL, Mail Services)
Physics / Optics / Astronomy (POA) Library
Rare Books, Special Collections & Preservation
RCL Building & Projects
Research Initiatives
Robbins Library and Koller Collins Center

Academic Engagement

Name Title Phone & E-mail
Strub, Maurini Director of Library Assessment 585-275-5533


Name Title Phone & E-mail
Briggs, Sharon Department Head 585-275-9288

Acquisitions Finance 585-275-3529

Name Title Phone & E-mail
Schoen, John Library Assistant 585-275-4466
Sexstone, Sarah Library Section Supervisor 585-275-3529

Monograph Acquisitions 585-275-4460

Name Title Phone & E-mail
Auteritano, Lydia Library Section Supervisor 585-275-4460
Whitty, Mildred Library Assistant 585-275-4460

Serials Acquisitions | Fax Number 585-273-1032

Name Title Phone & E-mail
DeGroff, Erin Library Section Supervisor 585-275-4485
Hull, David Library Assistant 585-275-3989
Southwick, Devon Serials Acquisitions Assistant 585-275-9289

Administration 585-275-4461 | Fax Number 585-273-5309

Name Title Phone & E-mail
Bowen, Jennifer Associate Dean, Scholarly Resource Management 585-275-0004
Festa, Kathryn Library Advancement Program Manager 585-275-9322
Henry, Myra Senior Director of Administrative Services 585-275-6875
Huff, Ashlee Assistant to the Dean of the River Campus Libraries 585-275-9324
Mavrinac, Mary Ann Vice Provost & Andrew H. and Janet Dayton Neilly Dean, University of Rochester Libraries 585-275-4461
Mazar, Rochelle Assistant Dean of Academic Engagement 585-275-0139
Poland, Beth Human Resources Administrative Assistant 275-9323

Art & Music Library 585-275-4476

Name Title Phone & E-mail
Bollmann, Marc Senior Library Assistant 585-275-9277
Clifford, Thomas Senior Library Assistant 585-275-3921
Frontz, Stephanie Department Head and Art & Art History, Visual & Cultural Studies Librarian 585-275-4476

Carlson Science & Engineering Library 585-275-4488 | Fax Number 585-273-4656

Name Title Phone & E-mail
Canino, Adrienne Outreach Librarian for Science and Engineering, Data Science, Earth and Environmental Science 585-275-7659
Cardinal, Sue Outreach Librarian for Science and Engineering, Chemistry & Chemical Engineering 585-275-9007
Garcia, Moriana Outreach Librarian for Biology, Biomedical Engineering and Brain & Cognitive Sciences 585-275-8088
Harvey, Jason Outreach Librarian for Science and Engineering, Physics-Optics-Astronomy Library, Laboratory for Laser Energetics, and Mechanical Engineering 585-275-6882
Kamarei, Zary Somerville Director of Science and Engineering Libraries, Outreach Librarian for Science and Engineering, Mathematics and Statistics 585-275-1763
Siddiqui, Sarah Outreach Librarian for Science and Engineering, Math, Mechanical Engineering, Material Science & LLE 585-275-8829
Tennis, Allegra Outreach Librarian for Science and Engineering, Computer Engineering, ECE, Digital Media Studies 585-275-8829

Patron Services/Q&i 585-275-4488

Name Title Phone & E-mail
Baxter, Delores Library Assistant 585-273-5209
Biedenbach, Marylou Library Assistant 585-275-6024
George, Sarada Library Assistant 585-275-6003
Lowery, Katrina Library Section Supervisor 585-275-8065

Collection Development

Name Title Phone & E-mail
Barry, Kathleen Stack Attendant 585-275-9310
Clark, Sharlene Stack Attendant 585-275-9310
Cronk, Lindsay Head of Collection Strategies 585-275-3302
Eustice, Alexander Library Assistant 585-469-3751 Annex
Irby, Norita Stack Attendant 585-275-9310
Lovett, Tyshon Stack Attendant 585-275-9310
Smith, Todd Library Section Supervisor 585-275-9310

Digital Scholarship Lab

Name Title Phone & E-mail
Easterly, Joe Digital Humanities Librarian & (temporarily) Outreach Librarian 585-276-7458
Romphf, Joshua Digital Humanities Programmer 585-276-6813
Sherwood, Emily Director 585-273-5010
Tinker, Blair Research Specialist for GIS 585-276-6814
Wright, Lisa Digital Scholarship Digitization Specialist 585-275-4015

Financial Operations 585-275-7397

Name Title Phone & E-mail
Metcalf, Lois Junior Accountant 585-275-7397
Rauf, Tahir Financial Planning Manager 585-275-9286

Information Discovery Team

Name Title Phone & E-mail
Gleason, Sue Web Applications Programmer 585-275-3741
Morris, Sean Interface Designer 585-275-4546
O'Connor, Stephen Integrated Library System Analyst 585-275-9312
Sarr, Nathan Web Applications Programmer 585-275-0692
Suszczynski, Jeff Web Applications Programmer 585-275-1060


Name Title Phone & E-mail
Maddox, Julia Director of the Barbara J. Burger iZone 617-650-6336
Tzetzis, Zoe Program Assistant TBD

Library Facilities

Library IT Services

Help Desk 585-275-1757

Group Pager 220-3323

Name Title Phone & E-mail
Alexander, Stephen Library Network Systems Administrator 585-276-7827
Arbelo, Ralph Library Network Systems Administrator 585-275-3449
Bisciotti, Mario Library IT Support Specialist 585-275-4144
Noto, Andrea Library IT Support Specialist 585-622-7390
Nowak, Peter Library IT Support Specialist 585-276-7826
Rehbaum, Michael Department Head, Library Information Technology Services (LITS) 585-273-4783

Metadata Services

Name Title Phone & E-mail
Barber, Cathy Library Assistant 585-275-4470
Delecia-Mahns, Jean Library Assistant 585-275-2650
Dull, Maggie Head of Metadata Strategies 585-275-9452
Grunzweig, Angela Library Assistant 585-276-3202
Nickeson, Walt Librarian 585-273-2326
Strong, Marcy Metadata Projects Librarian 585-273-2325

Outreach, Learning, & Research Services

On Call 585-275-4437

Name Title Phone & E-mail
Barrett, Stephanie Outreach Librarian, Social Sciences (Interdisciplinary) 585-275-9299
Berkman, Robert Outreach Librarian, Business 585-273-3582
Daly-Boas, Eileen Librarian for Philosophy & Education 585-273-5360
Elmore, Justina Outreach Librarian for Social Sciences 585-276-7845
Hoffman, Kimberly D. Department Head 585-275-9354
Totleben, Kristen Modern Languages and Cultures Librarian 585-275-9304
Wu, Kathy Government Information and Economics Librarian 585-273-5322

Patron Services

Name Title Phone & E-mail
Angeles, Sadyn Course Reserves Specialist 585-276-7819
Clasper, Emily Director of Service Strategies 585-275-0928
Pietrzak, Claudia Student Experience & Social Media Manager (585) 275-4901
Scheuerman, Teddy Course Reserves Specialist 585-275-9282

Q&i 585-275-5804

Name Title Phone & E-mail
Marple, Amy Library Section Supervisor 585-275-9307

ILL 585-275-4454

Name Title Phone & E-mail
Andre, Elizabeth Library Section Supervisor 585-275-0927
Flickner, Rose Library Assistant 585-275-9502
Scantlen, Kevin Library Assistant 585-275-0929
Schell, Emma Library Assistant 585-275-4454
Viken, Judy Library Assistant 585-275-8539

Mail Services 585-275-0595

Library Annex 585-469-3751

Stacks 585-275-9310

Physics / Optics / Astronomy (POA) Library 585-275-8605 | Fax Number 585-273-5321

Name Title Phone & E-mail
Harvey, Jason Outreach Librarian for Science and Engineering, Physics-Optics-Astronomy Library, Laboratory for Laser Energetics, and Mechanical Engineering 585-275-6882
Jones, Jeffery Library Section Supervisor 585-275-4469

Rare Books, Special Collections & Preservation 585-275-4477

Name Title Phone & E-mail
Earle, Lev Special Collections Processing Archivist 585-276-7299
Haag, Autumn Special Collections Librarian/Archivist for Research & Collections 585-275-9327
Lacher-Feldman, Jessica Exhibits and Special Projects Manager 585-275-9558
Mead, Melissa John M. and Barbara Keil University Archivist and Rochester Collections Librarian 585-275-9337
Mims, Miranda Special Collections Librarian/Archivist for Discovery & Access 585-276-7495
Reithmayr, Andrea Special Collections Librarian/Archivist for Research & Collections 585-275-2029
Wallington, Melinda Library Section Supervisor 585-275-9846

Conservation Lab 585-275-9291

RCL Building & Projects

Name Title Phone & E-mail
Cook, Randall RCL Building and Project Manager 585-275-9311
Golemb, Diana RCL Building and Project Assistant 585-275-9309
Scarcelli, Frank RCL Building & Mail Assistant 585-275-4480

Research Initiatives

Name Title Phone & E-mail
Chen, Jen-Li Data Analyst 585-275-5458
Di Monte, Lauren Director of Research Initiatives 585-276-3274
Pugachev, Sarah Research Initiatives Librarian 585-275-1059

Robbins Library and Koller Collins Center 585-275-0110

Name Title Phone & E-mail
Papas, Kathryn Library Section Supervisor 585-273-5195
Siebach-Larsen, Anna Director of the Rossell Hope Robbins Library and Koller-Collins Center for English Studies 585-275-9197

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