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´╗┐Search for books, ebooks, articles, and other items in the University of Rochester Libraries. When viewing search results, change options on the left to improve relevance or to expand your search.

Also try

  • searching phrases with quotations marks:  example  "to be or not to be"
  • combining words with AND, OR and NOT in capital letters:  example  cats AND dogs
  • substituting * for several possible letters:  example  child* (finds child, childhood, children etc.)
  • searching within a title: example title:(robin hood)

Use the Voyager Catalog to find books, journals and more. Both traditional print and electronic format materials (many full text) are included in Voyager.

Keyword(s) search looks for all words in the search box. Don't use AND, OR, NOT in your search.
Ex: social networks students

To select an alternate search index (Author, Subject, etc.) use the drop-down menu.

Advanced Search enables you to build a more complex search including optional limits.

The eJournals search is a way to find the journals, newspapers, and some books, that are available electronically at the University of Rochester.

To see if a specific journal, newspaper, or book is available electronically, click the "Title begins with" radio button and enter all or just the beginning of the name:
Ex: Wall Street Journal
Ex: Handbook of

Otherwise, click the "Keyword(s)" radio button, and enter keywords. Results will be publication names containing those words, NOT titles of articles or book chapters.
Ex: behavior psychology

Use quotation marks to search for phrases:
Ex: "comparative literature"

Type a word stem to find all variants:
Ex: biog finds biography, biographical, biogeochemical

DVDs and videos are located in the Multimedia Center, which is Room G122, on the ground floor of the Rush Rhees Library.

Loan period for DVDs and videos is 1 week. There is a limit of one renewal on DVDs.

Only current students, faculty, staff, and proxy borrowers with a current UR ID are eligible to borrow DVD's and videocassettes.

Videos and DVDs in the FMS Special Collection circulate to River Campus faculty and select grad students only. Other students, faculty and staff may view these items in the Multimedia Center.

There are no overdue fines on videos and DVDs, unless the item is 2 weeks overdue; at that time the item will be designated "lost" and the patron will incur a $50 fine. This fine will be removed upon the return of the DVD or video.

Databases provide access to a variety of content: articles, books, journals, newspapers, disserations, images, data sources, chemical structures, patents, etc. Each database has its own distinctive purpose and mix.

    • If you know a database by name, type the name or part of it into the search box to find it quickly.
      • ex: PsycInfo
      • ex: muse
      • ex: web of science
    • Also use the search box to find databases in a subject or content area by entering keywords:
      • ex: biology
      • ex: book reviews
  • Browse by Name to find a specific database if you know the first word in the name of the database.
  • Browse by Subject lists librarian-recommended databases for academic subjects taught at the University of Rochester.
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Rush Rhees
APR 16   8:00 am - 3:00 am
Gleason Library
APR 16   Open 24 Hours
Carlson Library
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Multimedia Center
APR 16   9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Art & Music Library
APR 16   9:00 am - Midnight
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´╗┐The River Campus Libraries hold more than 3 million books in both print and electronic formats, over 40,000 active journal titles, as well as microforms, videos and other formats. The arts, social sciences, and humanities collections are housed in the Rush Rhees Library, which was designed to serve as a centerpiece of the River Campus when it was dedicated in 1930. Rush Rhees is home to a number of special libraries and collections, including the University Archives, Rare books and Special Collections, and the Rossell Hope Robbins Library, which specializes in medieval studies. Anchoring the west side of campus, in the computer studies building, is the Carlson Science and Engineering Library. Collections in support of physics, optics, and astronomy are located in the POA Library in the Bausch and Lomb Building. A small reference library is also sited in the Laboratory for Laser Energetics.

The Camelot Project

An electronic collection of Arthurian texts, images, interviews, and basic information

AIDS Education Posters

6200 posters from over 100 countries documenting efforts to educate/inform people on AIDS

Frederick Douglass Project

Douglass letters and documents from UR collections

UR Research

Institutional repository of faculty and student research; unique library materials

Beauty for Commerce

Exhibition chronicling English & American publishers' binding from 1830-1910

The Robin Hood Project

An electronic collection of texts, images, and information on the Robin Hood tradition


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Do you love Rush Rhees, Carlson, and the Physics-Optics-Astronomy Libraries? Tell the Rochester Regional Library Council (RRLC) by...

News | 04/15/2014

News Image "Bring Back These Colors with Honor"

"Bring Back These Colors with Honor": The University of Rochester and the Civil WarIn May 1861, just a few weeks after the firing upon...

News | 02/01/2014

Event Image Exhibit: "Acquiring Minds"

In his inauguration as the University's fifth president, Cornelis de Kiewiet said, "A university is never fully mature. It must grow and...

Event | Rare Books and Special Collections, Rush Rhees Library
3/07/2014 9:00am - 7/11/2014 5:00pm

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