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The Camelot Project, plus METS, Robin Hood,

the Crusades, and Cinderella all have a new home!



By Lancelot Speed:  Percival's sister and Sir Galahad

"This girdle, lords," said she, "is made for the

most part of mine own hair, which, while I

was yet in the world, I loved most well."

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Eugene Vinaver's "Magnificent Malory"

Pam Yee curated an exhibit of books, letters, and photos that showcase the lifetime fascination of medieval literary scholar Eugène Vinaver with Thomas Malory’s masterpiece Le Morte d’Arthur. Vinaver is best known for his seminal edition of the Morte based on the Winchester Manuscript, the only existing MS of Malory’s romance, which was discovered in 1934. Exhibit runs july 1-November 1.

 Robbins Library received a gift of Arthurian Short Stories from Larry Mendelsberg, a New Jersey chiropractor who loves the Arthurian legend. The gift of over 475 items consists of collections of all-Arthurian stories, collections with at least one Arthurian story, and periodicals with Arthurian content.

Larry OWNED (and now we do) virtually all of the items on the bibliography he provided to the Camelot Project:

Facsimile of one page of Capgrave's Chronicle of England


The 253 volumes of the Rolls Series, containing a total of 99 works, were published in London between 1858 and 1911. While the main focus of this collection is the editing of medieval chronicles, it also includes a significant number of letters, treaties, charters, poems, and sagas.


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The Camelot Project

Arthurian texts, images, bibliographies, and basic information
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The Robin Hood Project

Texts, images, bibliographies, and basic information

Map of Jerusalem

The Crusades Project

The Crusades in English Literature

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METS (Middle English Texts Series)

Online full text of Middle English works, with glosses and notes

The Cinderella Bibliography

Annotated bibliography of Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast

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