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  The Rossell Hope Robbins Library is a medieval studies library at the University of Rochester. The  Library contains comprehensive holdings in all aspects of Middle English literature, as well as significant holdings in Old English, Anglo-Norman, and medieval French literature; medieval history, art and stained glass, philosophy, theology; manuscript studies; witchcraft; and Arthurian studies. It is a research (non-circulating) collection.

   The core collection was donated by noted Middle English scholar Rossell Hope Robbins and his wife, Helen Ann Mins Robbins. Helen Ann, Rossell and his sister, Marjorie Hope Robbins, have endowed ongoing acquisition of material.



arthurian image on a tile, next to the link for The Camelot Project

The Camelot Project

Arthurian texts, images, bibliographies, and basic information

image of Robin Hood,  next to the link for The Robin Hood Project

The Robin Hood Project

Texts, images, bibliographies, and basic information

Map of Jerusalem

The Crusades Project

The Crusades in English Literature

image of TEAMS or METS edition of John Gower, next to the link to TEAMS METS

METS (Middle English Texts Series)

Online full text of Middle English works, with glosses and notes

The Cinderella Bibliography

Annotated bibliography of Cinderella and Beauty & the Beast

Visualizing Chaucer

Images illustrating Chaucer's works and a bibliography of illustrated editions



               The Written Word in the 

               Medieval World


                 October 9th - December 15th

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Come be illuminated by our exhibit of treasures from Rochester's medieval manuscript collection,

on display for the first time!


The Exhibition is also available to view online HERE



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