The congresswoman fought for the legacy of the man who fought for the end of slavery, civil rights, and women's suffrage
Author: Weckea Lilly
The top portion of a Frederick Douglass statue

Abolitionist, journalist, philosopher, and writer Frederick Douglass lived some in Rochester for close to 25 year while publishing The North Star. His achievements continue to be felt by Rochester-area residents, who have celebrated his contributions to civil rights and women’s suffrage through various development and social services projects. 

Congresswoman Slaughter advocated for the preservation of Douglass’s memory and legacy. When Douglass was honored by the nation with a statue in Washington, D. C., Slaughter said:

“His courageous actions and fight for justice and equality for all Americans were unrivaled, as he deeply understood the hardships of being subjected to unfair treatment simply because of the color of his skin. Through his writings, speeches, and relentless attitude, he captured the spirit of all African Americans that still resonates today.” 

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