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Accounting Kathy Wu
African & African American Studies Lindsey Baker
American Sign Language Wendy Way
Anthropology Justina Elmore
Arabic Language and Culture Lara Nicosia
Art & Art History Sarah Wood-Gagnon
Astronomy Ben Mitchell
Biology Wendy Way
Biomedical Engineering Wendy Way
Brain & Cognitive Sciences Andrea Kingston
Business Kathy Wu
Chemical Engineering Sue Cardinal
Chemistry Sue Cardinal
Chinese Language and Culture Kathy Wu
Classical Greek & Latin Lara Nicosia
Comparative Literature Kathy Wu
Computer Science Arjay Romanowski
Dance & Movement Sarah Wood-Gagnon
Data & Statistics Heather Owen
Data & Statistics Matthew Mariner
Data Literacy Heather Owen
Data Literacy Matthew Mariner
Data Science Arjay Romanowski
Data Science Matthew Mariner
Debate Kathy Wu
Digital Media Studies Arjay Romanowski
Earth and Environmental Science Sue Cardinal
Economics Kathy Wu
Education Eileen Daly-Boas
Electrical and Computer Engineering Arjay Romanowski
English Lindsey Baker
Entrepreneurship Kathy Wu
Film & Media Studies Sarah Wood-Gagnon
Finance Kathy Wu
French Language and Culture Kathy Wu
Gender, Sexuality & Women's Studies Justina Elmore
German Language and Culture Kathy Wu
Government Information Kathy Wu
Hebrew Language and Culture Lara Nicosia
History Lara Nicosia
Italian Language and Culture Kathy Wu
Japanese Language and Culture Kathy Wu
Korean Language and Culture Kathy Wu
Laboratory for Laser Energetics Ben Mitchell
Latin Language and Culture Lara Nicosia
Law Kathy Wu
Linguistics Andrea Kingston
Literary Translation Studies Kathy Wu
Marketing Kathy Wu
Materials Science Sue Cardinal
Math & Statistics Ben Mitchell
Mechanical Engineering Ben Mitchell
Medieval Studies Anna Siebach-Larsen
Metadata Maggie Dull
Music Sarah Wood-Gagnon
Neuroscience Andrea Kingston
Optics Ben Mitchell
Philosophy Eileen Daly-Boas
Physics Ben Mitchell
Political Science & International Relations Justina Elmore
Portuguese Language and Culture Kathy Wu
Psychology Andrea Kingston
Public Health Justina Elmore
Rare Books, Special Collections & Preservation (RBSCP) Jessica Lacher-Feldman
Religion & Theology Lara Nicosia
Research Data Management Heather Owen
Russian Language and Culture Kathy Wu
Scholarly Communication Moriana Garcia
Scholarly Communication Kristen Totleben
Sociology Justina Elmore
Spanish and Latin American Language and Culture Kathy Wu
Streaming Video & Video Games Sarah Wood-Gagnon
Theatre Sarah Wood-Gagnon
Turkish Language and Culture Lara Nicosia
University of Rochester History Melissa Mead
University of Rochester History Autumn Haag
Visual & Cultural Studies Sarah Wood-Gagnon