It's another week with Louise, and it's a windy one.
Author: Matthew Cook
Louise Slaughter portrait; it appears as though her hair is being blown back

Tomorrow is Global Wind Day (GWD). It's likely a celebration you've never heard of, and if that's the case, you have a lot of past GWDs to make up for.

First things first, GWD is an international event organized by WindEurope and the Global Wind Energy Council. The purpose is to remind everyone that wind is more than a natural occurrence that flies kites, cools you down on a hot day, or blows away all the napkins you didn't weigh down at your picnic. GWD was created to help educate people about the potential and benefits of wind energy. Although this year marks the 12th GWD, the inaugural Wind Day occurred in 2007.

So, tomorrow, take some time to learn more about wind energy. And if you find someone to take a photo of you while the wind is blowing through your hair, may you do it with the ease and grace of Louise. 

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