The only photo--and pair of sunglasses--that could properly celebrate President-elect Biden's inauguration
Author: Claudia Pietrzak
Congresswoman Louise Slaughter wearing a pair of aviator sunglasses

When archivist Weckea Lilly is sifting through the Slaughter collection, he often finds a photograph, memo, or some other item that pairs perfectly with a particular moment.

If you didn't already know, President-elect Joe Biden has a penchant for aviator sunglasses. (Seriously, Google “Joe Biden Aviators.”) When Weckea found this 2014 image of congresswoman Slaughter sporting what would surely be a Biden-approved pair of aviators, we set it aside in case then Vice President Biden won the election. And now, it makes for the perfect Inauguration Day photo.

Congratulations to President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris!

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