A glimpse into our archivist’s office and the work that goes into processing the Slaughter collection.
Author: Claudia Pietrzak
A table covered in banker's boxes, folders, and papers

Boxes, boxes, and you guessed it, more boxes. Some are filled with memos, others are brimming with congressional papers and meeting notes. There are a lot of typed transcripts of speeches, some photos, and a whole lot of manilla folders.

Welcome to the archivist's office.

The photo above only shows a portion of the boxes within the Louise Slaughter collection. Originally, the boxes for this collection numbered at about 579 (give or take a few). Additional boxes were added when the material was moved to campus. According to archivist Weckea Lilly, it takes about four hours per linear foot of materials, which is consistent with national best practices. As Weckea works through this mountain of information, you get to enjoy the fruits of his labor through this blog. We’re excited to have you with us for a whole new year of Your Weekly Louise.

You can help honor the congresswoman's legacy, preserve history, and advance learning and scholarship by supporting the work being done to process and prepare this collection. Learn more, and make a gift today.