The Rochester congresswoman faced Rochester weather wearing an ear-to-ear smile
Author: Claudia Pietrzak
Congresswoman Louise Slaughter with Former State Assemblyman Joe Morelle at a groundbreaking

It’s not easy living in an area that’s famous for its weather. You say you’re from or you currently live in western New York state, and usually the first thing non-locals think of is, well, snow. Being a congresswoman from this area, Louis Slaughter had to deal with a whole lot of snow, and hail, and sleet. Like most things Louise did, she faced the weather with a smile.

Louise Slaughter is pictured here, at the 2014 groundbreaking for Rochester’s Inner Loop East Project with then-New York State Assemblyman Joe Morelle. Sure it looks cold, but at least in the moment this photo was taken everyone appears as happy as can be, with Louise leading the way.

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