Five years ago the congresswoman brought the spirit of the holiday to an elementary school
Author: Claudia Pietrzak
With war veterans behind her Congresswoman Louise Slaughter speaks to an assembly of elementary school kids

Think of your most memorable grade school assembly. Having trouble coming up with something? That’s because they’re typically events for administrators to communicate something important, counteract bad behavior, memorialize a person or a holiday, or maybe feature a performance of some kind. They don’t usually feature a congresswoman—usually.

On November 9, 2015, the students of Cobbles Elementary in Penfield (a suburb east of Rochester) were not only treated to the presence of Congresswoman Slaughter, but also some real-life heroes. We can’t be certain because the archives don’t provide much information besides the date and location, but several photos allow us to infer that Slaughter was joined by local U.S. war veterans from various branches of the armed forces.

The event was held in honor of Veteran’s Day. We know from other records and news articles that the congresswoman cared deeply about our nation's veterans. This event further demonstrated the high regard in which she holds veterans, but is also showed her desire to inspire that respect in a younger generation.

Sometimes it's hard to compare ourselves to historical icons, but we can all be like Louise and take a few moments out of our busy schedules to celebrate Veteran's Day with the same attention and respect. 

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