Pour yourself a cup of tea as we celebrate Hot Tea Month with Louise.
Author: Weckea Lilly
Congresswoman Louise Slaughter at a desk writing on a document with a cup of tea next to her

It is the start of a new year and academic semester at the University of Rochester. Also, it’s National Hot Tea Month! As our senses for renewal are set in motion, this month’s recognition begs us to slow down and be intentionally meditative, which is what is expected with a cup of hot tea.

Though we have yet to find evidence in the archives as to whether or not Congresswoman Louise Slaughter is a fanatical (or, otherwise) tea drinker, we take pause here at the top of 2021 to share in this celebration of tea with The Tea Council of the USA and others tea fans across the country in recognition of January as such.

Whether you prefer any of the varieties of tea from the camellia sinensis plant like white, green, black, Pu-erh, or oolong, or the many herbal and root teas on the market, drinking hot tea naturally calms the unsettled mind and body. This, among the many other health benefits of drinking tea, might offer reason to alter our resolutions this year to drink more, relax more, and share in dreaming of the anticipated days of face-to-face fellowship with friends, colleagues, and loved ones over a cup or two, following the long locked-down year of 2020.

To celebrate the month through or just on National Hot Tea Day (January 12) here are some ideas:

  • Explore and learn the art of tasseography (tea leaf reading); or, have a tea leaf reading performed
  • Host a virtual (Zoom) tea party/or one at home with relatives
  • Plan a post-pandemic afternoon tea tour with friends
  • Take a canister of your favorite tea on a hike
  • Shop for tea in specialty shops or grocery stores
  • Host a tea tasting

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