The COVID-19 pandemic is a life-changing event for all members of the University of Rochester community and for the institution itself. Researchers now and in the future will want to know how we responded, what we thought, and what we did during this time. To help the University Archives preserve this history, we invite all students, staff, faculty, and alumni—from all Schools and Divisions—to contribute your reflections on COVID-19’s impact.

Along with our unique experiences, we may share perspectives on topics that include

  • the shift to remote learning and teaching
  • being displaced from housing and workplaces
  • changes in how we study, work, and communicate
  • the impact of social distancing and self-isolation
  • job loss
  • homeschooling and childcare challenges

Contributions might take many forms: photographs, drawings, journal entries, social media posts, video and audio recordings.

You can add text into the form below or contact us to upload files. Even if you are not ready to contribute materials now, please take a few minutes to fill in the form to let us know you're interested in participating.

The link to the form below enables contributions. It can be used at any time, and can be used for multiple submissions. If you have any questions, have trouble with accessing the form, or would like to be contacted directly, please email Melissa Mead (John M. and Barbara Keil University Archivist and Rochester Collections Librarian) at


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