Submit a Course Reserves Request


Requests for Physical Reserves

In order to ensure efficient processing of requests, The River Campus Libraries can only accept Course Reserves requests via electronic submission through our online form.

Online Form

The method for submitting requests is our online Course Reserves Request Form. The form will guide instructors through the types of information necessary to efficiently process their requests like course title and code, instructor contact information, and requested material citations. Citations for items should include title, author, call number, edition, year, call number, and format (physical vs. electronic access).

Requests missing information or including incomplete citations may take additional time to process.

Submission Deadlines

To guarantee Course Reserve materials are ready for access by the beginning of the semester, requests must be submitted at least four weeks prior to the first day of classes. All requests will be processed on a first come, first served basis, with every effort being made to have them available for use as soon as possible.

The time required to process reserve requests varies with the workload of the unit, the availability of materials, and the accuracy of the information supplied. Most requests submitted during periods of lower demand (such as mid-semester) will be filled within seven business days, but additional time may be required for items that need to be recalled or purchased.

Personal Copies

Instructors may submit personal items to be placed on reserve with the understanding that they will be processed for use (which may include application of labels) and that the library is not responsible for their loss or damage. Library staff will attempt to acquire copies of these items for the library collection whenever possible. When a copy of the same title is purchased for the library’s collection, this copy will be placed on reserve and the instructor’s personal copy will be returned to them.

Purchase Requests

Course materials included in a Course Reserves Request that are not already part of the River Campus Libraries’ collection will be ordered for the library collection whenever possible.

Items purchased for use supporting a course will be given priority in the library’s acquisitions process, but may take longer to obtain and prepare for reserves than items already in the library’s collections.

Requests for Electronic Resource Support

Instructors have the option to request support for acquiring or accessing electronic resources through our Online Form. If such assistance is requested, instructors will be connected to the appropriate subject librarian to navigate available electronic resources.

Reserves staff will connect any electronic access resources to the course reading list in the library catalog; however, Including electronic resources on the library catalog’s reading list will not cause links to the resources to automatically display in Blackboard. Links to online resources must be added to the Blackboard interface by a course instructor.