Short Description

The Physics-Optics-Astronomy Library (POA) supports the instructional and research needs of students and faculty in the Department of Physics and Astronomy and the Institute of Optics. While it is open to the public every day and most evenings during the academic year, declared departmental majors, graduate students, and the faculty enjoy 24/7 access.

The POA Library is especially strong in astrophysics, biophysics, condensed matter, nuclear and high energy physics, optics, and quantum mechanics. The library also subscribes to a number of print journals and provides access to more than 10,000 electronic journals.

The History of Optics collection is composed of important first-edition, rare, and historical print materials on optics-related milestones, research, and researchers at UR.

In addition to its collections, POA regularly curates exhibits that highlight the unique history of the Physics-Optics-Astronomy Library and the disciplines it serves.

POA Library has eight public workstations connected to a print release station that includes black and white/color printing, scanning, and photocopying services.