How to find a physical item in the Rush Rhees stacks


Complete a search to find the item you want  (see example shown below). 

The alphabetic start to the call number is the key to finding an item in the stacks. The call number is shown on the line that starts with "Book".  This example reveals the item is available in Rush Rhees Library and the call number starts with "PR".  

book item photo





Next, consult this reference chart to determine where in Rush Rhees the item is found.  The example we are using has a call number starting with PR, which is found in the P-PZ range,  located on level B of Rush Rhees.  The chart also indicates which set of elevators  to use.  In this example, take the Yellow elevators to level B.   Once on the correct floor of the library, then use the complete call number to find the item.

Note:  these charts are posted near the elevators in the stacks.


Call number chart

This "Cross-over" chart shows how the Blue and the Yellow elevators relate to each other and where the cross over points are.

Rush Rhees crossover chart