Short Description

 Accessible from the Roger B. Friedlander Lobby, across from the Hawkins-Carlson Room, the Welles-Brown Room is used to host visiting speakers, receptions, and social events. 

The Welles-Brown Room has always beckoned readers into its plush interior.  It was envisioned as a browsing library in which students would find themselves irresistibly drawn to good books.  In addition to providing the comfortable club like atmosphere for study, the Welles-Brown Room is a favorite for visiting speakers, receptions and social events.  

Trustee Roger Friedlander, Class of 1956, and his wife Carolyn generously funded the refurbishment of the Welles-Brown Room and the Lobby in 1999 in anticipation of the University’s Sesquicentennial.  This powerful portrait was painted by artist Thomas Insalaco.

The Meredith Brown Skelton (1899-1925) Memorial window painted by Martin Travers, is located in an alcove opposite the entrance door to the room.  The window was designed to be a decorative landscape symbolic of life in and beyond the University.