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Maurini Strub

Assistant Dean, Strategy & Planning
Performance & User Engagement


Phone: 585-275-5533
ORCID: 0000-0002-5905-5415

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As the Director of Performance and User Engagement, Maurini applies critical thinking, user insight, and best practice measurement methodology to manage, analyze, and apply high-quality, actionable data that improves organization performance, informs decision making, and shapes value propositions.  She employs strategies that rely upon incorporating user research, evaluation, assessment, and improvement into all River Campus Libraries (RCL) programs, services, and resources. Maurini is also responsible for building an organizational culture of assessment by coaching RCL staff as they develop their knowledge and competencies in assessment and evaluation.  With a strong background in user-centered design, Maurini also drives the creation of deep, rich, and intimate connections with users by aligning brand, services, and resources with user profiles, attitudes, and behaviors.