Staff By Department



Finance Tel: 585-275-3529
Monograph Tel: 585-275-4460
Serials Fax: 585-273-1032

Briggs, Sharon
Head, Acquisitions
Auteritano, Lydia
Library Section Supervisor, Monograph
DeGroff, Erin
Library Section Supervisor, Serials
Hull, David
Library Assistant, Serials
Schoen, John
Library Assistant, Finance
Sexstone, Sarah
Library Section Supervisor, Finance
Whitty, Mildred
Library Assistant, Monograph


Main Tel: 585-275-4461
Fax: 585-273-5309

Mavrinac, Mary Ann
Vice Provost & Andrew H. and Janet Dayton Neilly Dean, University of Rochester Libraries
Bowen, Jennifer
Associate Dean, Scholarly Resources and Curation
Cook, Matthew
Sr. Communications Officer, Libraries & Collections
Di Monte, Lauren
Associate Dean, Learning, Research and Digital Strategies
Henry, Myra
Deputy Dean, Organizational Development & Inclusivity
Huff, Ashlee
RCL Office Manager & HR Assistant
Jackson, Pamela
Sr. Director of Advancement, River Campus Libraries

Art & Music Library

Main Tel: 585-275-4476

Frontz, Stephanie
Department Head and Art & Art History, Visual & Cultural Studies Librarian
Bollmann, Marc
Senior Library Assistant
Clifford, Thomas
Library Section Supervisor

Carlson Science & Engineering Library

Main Tel: 585-275-4488
Fax: 585-273-4656

Pugachev, Sarah
Somerville Director, Carlson Science & Engineering Libraries & Research Initiatives
Bentley, Maggie
Operations Assistant, Course Reserves and Patron Services
Biedenbach, Marylou
Library Assistant, Carlson Science & Engineering Library
Cardinal, Sue
Outreach Librarian, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Garcia, Moriana
Outreach and Scholarly Communications Librarian
George, Sarada
Library Assistant
Lowery, Katrina
Library Section Supervisor
Siddiqui, Sarah
Outreach Librarian for Science and Engineering, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Earth & Environmental Sciences, Laboratory for Laser Energetics
Tennis, Allegra
Outreach Librarian, Science and Engineering, Computer Engineering, ECE, Digital Media Studies

Collection Strategies

Stacks: 585-275-9310
Annex: 585-469-3751

Cronk, Lindsay
Director, Collection Strategies and Scholarly Communications
Carter, Clarence
Stack Attendant
Clark, Sharlene
Stack Attendant
Eustice-Corwin, Alexander
Library Assistant
Irby, Norita
Stack Attendant
Lovett, Tyshon
Stack Attendant
Moo, Kristin
Electronic Access Librarian
Smith, Todd
Library Section Supervisor

Digital Initiatives

Gleason, Sue
Web Applications Programmer
O'Connor, Stephen
Senior Information Analyst
Sarr, Nathan
Applications Programmer
Suszczynski, Jeff
Web Applications Programmer

Digital Scholarship Lab (DSL)

Sherwood, Emily
Director, Digital Scholarship Lab
Easterly, Joe
Digital Humanities Librarian
Moody, Meaghan
Immersive Technologies Librarian
Romphf, Joshua
Digital Humanities Programmer
Tinker, Blair
Research Specialist for GIS
Wright, Lisa
Digital Scholarship Digitization Specialist


Main Tel: 585-275-7397

Rauf, Tahir
Financial Planning Manager
Metcalf, Lois
Junior Accountant

Human Resources

Engert, Kelly
HR Business Partner
Fields, Laquanda
Student Projects & Student Employment Manager
Huff, Ashlee
RCL Office Manager & HR Assistant


Maddox, Julia
Director, Barbara J. Burger iZone and Organizational Innovation
Gerin, Sarah
iZone Community Manager
Wisbey, Zoe
Program Initiatives Manager

Learning Support

On Call: 585-275-4437

Hoffman, Kimberly D.
Director, Learning Support
Barrett, Stephanie
Outreach Librarian, Social Sciences (Interdisciplinary)
Berkman, Robert
Outreach Librarian, Business
Daly-Boas, Eileen
Outreach Librarian, Philosophy & Education
Elmore, Justina
Outreach Librarian, Social Sciences
Nicosia, Lara
Outreach Librarian, History, Religion & Classics
Schwartzman, Pauline
English/Film & Media Studies Librarian
Totleben, Kristen
Outreach Librarian, Modern Languages and Cultures
Wu, Kathy
Outreach Librarian, Government Information, Economics, Music

Library IT Services (LITS)

Help Desk: 585-275-1757
Group Pager: 220-3323

Rehbaum, Michael
Head, Library IT Services
Alexander, Stephen
Library Network Systems Administrator
Arbelo, Ralph
Library Network Systems Administrator
Bisciotti, Mario
Library IT Support Specialist
Noto, Andrea
Library IT Support Specialist
Nowak, Peter
Library IT Support Specialist

Metadata Services

Dull, Maggie
Head, Metadata Strategies
Grunzweig, Angela
Metadata Management Librarian
Scantlen, Kevin
Library Assistant
Strong, Marcy
Metadata Projects Librarian

Patron Services

Q&i Tel: 585-275-5804
ILL/Course Reserves Tel: 585-275-4454

Clasper, Emily
Director, Service Strategies
Andre, Elizabeth
Library Section Supervisor, ILL
Flickner, Rose
Library Assistant, ILL
Kurland, Alex
Course Reserves Specialist
Marple, Amy
Library Section Supervisor
Schell, Emma
Q&i Operations Assistant
Scheuerman, Teddy
Course Reserves Specialist
Viken, Judy
Library Assistant, ILL

Performance & User Engagement

Strub, Maurini
Director, Performance & User Engagement
Pietrzak, Claudia
Student Programming & Social Media Manager

Physics, Optics & Astronomy Library (POA)

Main Tel: 585-275-8605
Fax: 585-273-5321

Harvey, Jason
Outreach Librarian, Science and Engineering, Physics-Optics-Astronomy Library
Jones, Jeffery
Library Section Supervisor

Project Management & Physical Spaces

Cook, Randall
Director, Project Management & Physical Spaces
Golemb, Diana
Project Management & Physical Spaces Assistant
Scarcelli, Frank
Physical Spaces & Mail Assistant

Rare Books, Special Collections & Preservation (RBSCP)

Main Tel: 585-275-4477
Conservation Lab: 585-275-9291

Mims, Miranda
Director, Rare Books, Special Collections & Preservation
Earle, Lev
Special Collections Processing Archivist
Haag, Autumn
Assistant Director
Lacher-Feldman, Jessica
Exhibits and Special Projects Manager
Lilly, Weckea
Special Collections Project Archivist
Mead, Melissa
John M. and Barbara Keil University Archivist and Rochester Collections Librarian
Reithmayr, Andrea
Special Collections Librarian/Archivist for Research & Collections
Wallington, Melinda
Library Section Supervisor

Research Initiatives

Pugachev, Sarah
Somerville Director, Carlson Science & Engineering Libraries & Research Initiatives
Chen, Jen-Li
Data Analyst

Robbins Library & Koller-Collins Center

Main Tel: 585-275-0110

Siebach-Larsen, Anna
Director, Rossell Hope Robbins Library and Koller-Collins Center for English Studies
Papas, Kathryn
Library Section Supervisor

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