Idea generation and project life-cycle planning

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Research Consultations with Librarians

Get the information you need to get started on your project. Explore and discover information in new ways with new tools. Manage your data from the start.  

  • Make an appointment with your subject librarian. While you are waiting, look at our research guides by clicking on the subject name.
  • In a hurry? Use the live chat, and ask to speak with a librarian.  
  • Doing research on rare manuscripts? Contact RBSCP staff to look at collection material and obtain digital copies. 
  • Working with digital tools and methods? Contact Digital Scholarship staff for support.

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Design Thinking

Do you have an idea? Integrate design thinking, a creative problem-solving process, into your research. Look at a human problem from the perspective of real people. Apply innovation principles like bias to action, prototyping, ideation, and radical collaboration to explore unexpected solutions. 

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Project Management Tools

Learn about a set of tools to efficiently manage the scope, schedule, and budget for projects.

  • Contact iZone staff
  • Learn more about iZone
  • You can find many books on project management by searching for "project management" in Articles, Books & More. 

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Whatever form your research or project takes, the odds are you'll have to test it at some point. If you are new to prototyping or would just like to work with an expert, the Design Thinking Fellows at iZone are there to make your project a reality.

Also see: Design Thinking, Project Management Tools

Digital Project Lifecycle Planning

Learn about how to scope your digital project, develop project plans, build towards a working prototype, and discuss options for sustainability, preservation, and how to plan for sunsetting a project.

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