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At the River Campus Libraries, we apply strategic practices and aims to the cultivation of distinctive collections built to support our community members- including faculty, students, researchers, and others- as they explore and develop scholarship. We develop and implement collection services that dismantle barriers to equity and foster an inclusive environment. Acknowledging the inherent and undeniable value of extending access to knowledge, our collections support the dialogue of Scholarly Communication, and our interconnected library service areas provide a holistic framework of support and collaboration for scholars to develop and disseminate research. We are committed to supporting open knowledge, stewarding the scholarly record, and preserving the intellectual and cultural contributions of our community. 


Guiding Principles for Collection Development and Management

River Campus Libraries focuses on strategic approaches to supporting the stewardship and selection of materials aligned to the University community's research and learning priorities. Our main collection priorities are current scholarship that supports research, resources that support learning and academic success, and the creative content and output of our University of Rochester community. Our vision is to extend access to collections that empower the creation of new knowledge by University of Rochester community members.

  1. We offer a variety of collaborative practices to empower our communities.
  2. We connect users to resources that empower the creation of new knowledge.
  3. We pursue open and equitable practices that support access to university scholarship by all.
  4. We collect and preserve university scholarly outputs. 
  5. We assess our collections through evidence-based strategies- assessing and adapting our practices continually to ensure proper stewardship of our budget and collections.
  6. We seek out diverse voices through engagement with our community and beyond to foster inclusive representation in our collections. 


Collections Memberships and Initiatives

The River Campus Libraries are members of:

We support the initiatives related to collections that help extend and ensure access to resources including:


If you have questions or suggestions regarding collections, please:


Gift Giving

River Campus Libraries is appreciative of the generosity of those wishing to donate materials to the collections, however, we have a limited ability to accept unsolicited books or other items due to limited staff resources and space.

Exceptions may be made if the potential donation strongly supports the current University curriculum and clearly enhances the Libraries' mission. In these cases, potential donors should contact the Head of Collection Strategies, Lindsay Cronk for additional information about policies and procedures. If a donor feels that their collection represents rare and/or archival material, they are encouraged to contact our Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation Department


Information for Publishers and Vendors

Please email Lindsay Cronk to schedule a visit -- all on-site visits must be confirmed two weeks in advance. Please review the RCL's Guiding Principles for Collection Development and Management. An accompanying document focused on licensing terms and requirements will be provided in Fall, 2020. 

Lindsay Cronk, Head of Collection Strategies
For sale opportunities, price quotes, demos, campus visits, training materials, and other marketing discussions.
Email is preferred for introductory messages. Calendar invitations are preferred when scheduling meetings both in person and online.
Sharon Briggs, Head of Acquisitions
For invoices, IP range information, billing issues, FTE verification, and any license updates.

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