Digitization Services


The River Campus Libraries (RCL) provide digitization services for users affiliated with the University of Rochester.

Information about this Service

Requests to digitize portions of print materials may be made through our online catalog. Digitization services are not available for items owned by the requesting user. Requests for items owned by other institutions may be submitted as Interlibrary Loan Requests.

In order to maintain compliance with copyright standards, RCL is only able to digitize single book chapters, individual articles, or sections of books comprising less than 10 percent of the total page count. Requests for digitization of multiple chapters within a single volume will be canceled; the request will then be forwarded to other RCL departments and services in order to assist the user in obtaining access to the materials in other ways.

Requests for the digitization of available print materials may take seven to ten business days to complete. Additional time may be required to fill requests during periods of high volume, such as at the beginning of the spring and fall semesters, or in the event that materials are unavailable at the time of request.

Digitized materials will be provided in PDF format and will be processed to meet current accessibility standards. The RCL will not retain these files after they have been sent to the requesting user.

Digitization services for audiovisual materials are available on a limited basis for the support of University of Rochester courses. These requests are subject to review in order to ensure compliance with copyright standards and may not be filled in every case. Requests for digitization of audiovisual materials to support a course should be directed to rclreserves@library.rochester.edu.

These services are only for members of the University community. Those using these services agree to comply with University Copyright Policy and Fair Use standards.


How to Request Digitization of a Section of a book

  1. Use our online catalog to locate the item you would like to request a portion of for digitization.
  2. Sign in using your UR Active Directory credentials to see the request options available to you.
  3. Click Digitization in the Get It section of the display.
    Digitization link is shown as a request type under GET IT heading

  4. Fill in the request form that displays, including as much information as possible about the section of the item you would like digitized.
    Please note that due to copyright restrictions, we are only able to digitize one chapter, one article, or up to 10% of the total text.
  5. Click Send Digitization Request to move to the next step.
    Send digitization request button shown at the end of a form

  6. When the Copyright Statement displays, click I AGREE WITH THE TERMS to submit your request.
    Your request is not submitted to the library until this step is complete.
    Digitization request form showing button that says I AGREE WITH THE TERMS

  7. A confirmation will display when your request is successfully submitted.  
    Banner displaying that your digitization request has placed
Contact Information

For more information please contact RCLQandIReq@library.rochester.edu