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Spaces within Rush Rhees, Art & Music, iZone, and Carlson Library are available for reservation. Anyone from the University community can reserve these rooms. 

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Looking to reserve Welles-Brown, Hawkins Carlson or Gamble?


Spaces available

Booking length and frequency varies by location. Watch this video to learn more about creating a booking.

Art & Music Library (Rush Rhees)

These rooms are equipped with specialized gaming and media equipment, making them perfect for collaborative study or viewing class assignments.

AM Room 1A (Capacity: 6)
AM Room 2B (Capacity: 8)

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Carlson Library


102 (Capacity: 8)
103B (Capacity: 4)
103C (Capacity: 10) 

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Working with immersive technologies? Reserve a space in Studio X!


Gleason Library (Rush Rhees) 
Studio 1 (Capacity: 4)
Studio 2 (Capacity: 4)
Studio 3 (Capacity: 4)
Studio 4 (Capacity: 4)
Studio 5 (Capacity: 4)
Studio 6 (Capacity: 4)

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iZone (Rush Rhees)
Project Room A (Capacity: 6)
Project Room B (Capacity: 6)
Project Room C (Capacity: 6)
Project Room D (Capacity: 6)

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  • Due to limited collaborative spaces on campus, bookings in iZone and Gleason are restricted to a maximum of 2 hours per day, and  in Art & Music and Carlson Library for 3 hours per day
  • Masks must be worn at all times
  • Unattended belongings left in a space for longer than 30 minutes may be removed by library staff in accordance with library policy
Contact information

For any questions regarding spaces in Rush Rhees, please contact us.

For any questions regarding spaces in the Carlson Science and Engineering Library, please contact:

For any questions regarding spaces in the Art & Music Library, please contact: