iZone FAQ

  • What is iZone?

    iZone is creative problem-solving space, program, and community designed to empower students to explore and imagine ideas for social, cultural, community, and economic impact.

    iZone is the first stop for students with BIG ideas.

  • How have students been involved in iZone's development?

    Undergraduate students created the initial idea for iZone and have provided guidance at all stages of development and have served on the Design Committee from the beginning of the project.

    Students have been key influencers on many decisions, including:

    • Flexible, open space on the mezzanine
    • More study space than originally scoped
    • Diverse furniture for varied needs
    • Expanded open hours
    • Improved wifi speed
  • How can I can help or provide feedback?

    iZone has been and will continue to be a student-driven program!

    Please don't hesitate to reach out to give us feedback, ask questions, or schedule a time to meet with one of us. Please send any of the above to izonercl@rochester.edu and we'll be sure to respond as soon as possible.

  • Where is iZone located?

    Our new state-of-the-art 12,000 sq ft creative problem-solving space is located in Rush Rhees Library , on the University of Rochester's River Campus.  It is alongside Library road, near Connections and the UR Tech Store.

  • Who is iZone a resource for?

    iZone is a resource for any UR student who wants to create a social, cultural, community or economic impact. We’re here to help you find your unique path to making a difference, regardless of your major, your future plans, or your interests.

  • What is iZone’s relationship to the Library?

    UR students asked for iZone to be located in the library, a beloved place associated with creativity, idea exploration, and collaboration.

    Libraries have always been a home for inspiration, innovation, and imagination and we agreed with our students: there’s no better home for iZone than in the heart of the River Campus, Rush Rhees Library!

    iZone’s programs and projects are supported by Library resources and staff, who contribute greatly to many of the ideas you’ll see come to life at iZone.

  • What does the "i" in iZone stand for?

    iZone was created to support ideas, imagination and innovation.

  • How is iZone related to campus resources and centers?

    With the launch of our new center in Rush Rhees Library, iZone will also be providing a home for some of the invaluable existing centers that help students explore and create, such as the Ain Center for Entrepreneurship and the Rochester Center for Community Leadership. Visit our Partners Page for more information.

  • I’m not a student but I’d like to help. What can I do?

    Our students are coming up with amazing ideas but they can’t do it alone. We rely on UR’s many partners, alums, and allies to guide our students on their path to creating an impact. We’re always looking for inspirational speakers, mentors and supporters to make student ideas come to life. Please contact us at izonercl - at - rochester dot edu