Mary Ann Mavrinac Studio X is the hub for extended reality at the University of Rochester. We provide access to space, technology, expertise, and community. 

We can help you:

  • Engage and understand the world of XR technologies
  • Determine the best XR tool or methodology for a class or research project
  • Get connected to other XR collaborators on campus
  • Access a range of XR technologies, including virtual reality (VR) headsets, 360-degree cameras, and high-end workstations optimized for 3D work
  • Learn XR technologies through workshops, office hours, and consultations
  • Customize an XR instructional session based on your field of study

Tools & Methods

Here are some digital tools and methods we have used in the past. This list is not meant to be definitive or exhaustive. Our approach to problem solving values principles over tools. 

Reservable Equipment

  • VR headsets
  • Mixed Reality (MR) headsets 
  • 360-degree cameras
  • 360-degree audio recorders
  • iPad Pros
  • Lume Pad
  • Android phones
  • 3D Scanner

XR Instructional Design

  • Learning outcomes
  • Active learning strategies
  • Assessment

XR Project Management

  • Scoping
  • Timeline
  • Tools

XR Software

  • Unity
  • Blender
  • Web-based XR platforms

Don’t see the tool or method you want? Request a consultation so we can tailor a solution for your need.


Example Projects