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The Rossell Hope Robbins Library is a non-circulating medieval studies library at the University of Rochester. The Library contains comprehensive holdings across medieval history, literature, art, and culture, with particular strength in the British Isles. It has significant holdings in vernacular literatures, Arthurian studies, material culture, the medieval Mediterranean, medieval history, the history of science, art and stained glass, philosophy, theology, manuscript studies, the history of the book, witchcraft, critical theory, and medievalism. It also has a substantial collection of rare books and incunabula, as well as artist books. The Robbins Library is open to all users.


The core collection was donated by noted Middle English scholar Rossell Hope Robbins and his wife, Helen Ann Mins Robbins. Helen Ann, Rossell and his sister, Marjorie Hope Robbins, have endowed ongoing acquisition of material.

The Robbins Library is also home to the Koller-Collins Center for English Studies, a reference collection for literary study. This collection comprises major reference materials and handbooks for literary history, critical theory, the history of the book, and the digital humanities. You can learn more about this collection here.


arthurian image on a tile, next to the link for The Camelot Project

The Camelot Project

Arthurian texts, images, bibliographies, and basic information

image of TEAMS or METS edition of John Gower, next to the link to TEAMS METS

METS (Middle English Texts Series)

Online full text of Middle English works, with glosses and notes

image of Robin Hood,  next to the link for The Robin Hood Project

The Robin Hood Project

Texts, images, bibliographies, and basic information

Map of Jerusalem

The Crusades Project

The Crusades in English Literature

The Cinderella Bibliography

Annotated bibliography of Cinderella and Beauty & the Beast

Visualizing Chaucer

Images illustrating Chaucer's works and a bibliography of illustrated editions


Medieval Studies LibGuide
Medieval and Early Modern Manuscripts Collection

Helen Ann Mins Robbins Fellowship
Helen Ann Robbins Lecture Series



Weekly Events

Tuesdays (5-6): Paleography Working Group


Lectures, Workshops, and Seminars

September 27 (1 pm): Primary Source Workshop, "How to Use Medieval Charters" (Dr. Megan Welton, Utrecht University)

October 10 (5 pm): Lecture by Dr. Kara McShane (Ursinus College)

October 11 (10 am): Graduate student seminar with Dr. Kara McShane

November 8: Medieval Gaming (all-day event, iZone)

November 15 (10 - 4:30): "Time Bound: A Workshop on Computus in Medieval Manuscripts" (Dr. Danielle Joyner, Lawrence University, & Dr. Megan McNamee, Warburg Institute)

December 12 - 19: CNY Humanities Corridor Codicology Workshop with Dr. Ilya Dines (Library of Congress)


Medieval Movies and Discussions

Medieval movies and discussion nights are held on Wednesdays at 5 pm, and are open to the University of Rochester community.

September 25 (5 pm): Throne of Blood

October 16 (5 pm): The Eternal Return

November 20 (5 pm): TBD


Coffee Hours

Our monthly coffee hours are Mondays, 12 - 1, and are open to all.

September 30

October 28

November 25



Picturing Women in the Global
King Arthur Tradition:
A Showcase of the Barry Gaines
Malory Collection

This exhibit explores how women in Camelot are visually presented to a modern global audience, bringing together images of central female characters found in foreign language translations of Malory’s Morte Darthur, or one of its many adaptations, published in the last 50 years or so. These images adopt particular constructions of femininity that affect our interpretations of what powerful women should look like in Camelot. They also allow us to explore the effects that reprinted and repurposed images have to that of new, original artwork accompanying translations and adaptations.

All items on display are from the Barry Gaines Malory Collection, donated to the Rossell Hope Robbins Library in the spring of 2017. This monumental collection contains 600+ editions, adaptations, and retellings of stories of Camelot in over 30 languages.
This exhibit is curated by Steffi Delcourt, a PhD student in the Department of English.


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